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an end to that love-hate relationship with la.

Hi, Kelly-Jo here, founder of La La Local! Five years ago I begrudgingly moved to Los Angeles (Venice to be exact) for work and I never thought it would truly feel like home. Having grown up in the Bay Area and lived in Europe, there's truly a love/hate with this city before one discovers just how great it really is.

Determined to make LA a place I could call home and knowing not a single person when I moved, I started to explore every nook and cranny this city has to offer.


I spent my weekends getting lost in uncharted territory and along the way discovered the gems this city had tucked away. I soon became the go-to person for recommendations for things to do/see/explore, and my list of tips definitely did not include the Hollywood walk of fame (there's just so much more to LA than this!). Because what I've discovered is that LA has so much more to offer than the typical celebrity tour ride. That's the whole reason I started this thing.

La La Local is your guide to uncovering hidden gems like a true local. Whether you live here and are trying to find your own version of LA, or visiting for a weekend, I encourage you to get lost with me and explore this city in a way you would have never imaged!

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