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an end to that love-hate relationship with la.

Hi, Kelly-Jo here, founder of La La Local! Six years ago I begrudgingly moved to Los Angeles (Venice to be exact) for work and wasn’t sure if I’d ever ‘fit in’. Like some of us, I was guilty of having a preconceived idea of what living in LA might look like, and let’s just say it wasn’t great. Having grown up in Northern California and Europe, there's truly a love/hate with this city before one discovers just how special it really is.

Determined to make LA a place I could call home and knowing not a single person when I arrived, I started to explore every nook and cranny the City of Angels had to offer.


I spent my weekends getting lost in uncharted territory and along the way discovered lovely people, places, and pockets this city had tucked away. A born ‘connector’, I soon became the go-to person for recommendations on things to do/see/explore and people to meet. From there my list of tips grew, as did my love for Los Angeles. In the process, I discovered that LA has so much more to offer than the typical celebrity tour ride or Hollywood Walk of Fame. That was the whole reason I started my site, to help visitors and locals alike experience and explore LA, through a local lens. I wanted to help share and show you the LA that all of us locals know and love.

La La Local is your trusted guide to uncovering LA’s hidden gems like a true local. Whether you live here and are trying to find your own version of LA, or passing through, I encourage you to get lost with me and explore this city in a way you never would have imagined!

From my local eye to you!

x Kelly-Jo

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