"I would never live in LA." Famous Last Words

"I would never live in LA." Famous Last Words

It will have been five years since I moved to Los Angeles, a city I never thought I would come to call 'home.' 

I often describe LA as a city made up of many little villages. Unearthing all the treasures this sprawled city has to offer is exactly what I love about Los Angeles. The possibilities are endless. There's never NOT something to do, see, or explore. 

Now, imagine if you could experience La La Land through the eyes of a local gal?!  

Thanks to friends and family, I learned I had a knack and an eye for discovering and recommending unique and enjoyable experiences, gift ideas, or my favorite foodie spot in the City of Angels. 

Whether it was friends in town or clients passing through, I had a passion for sharing and a mission to curate Los Angeles from my local perspective. Let's be real, no guest of mine is going home thinking the Hollywood Walk of Fame = Los Angeles [gasp]. Nope! Don't get me wrong, it's worth a peek, but don't hang around. There's just SO much more to LA that's left to explore, and worth your time! 

Just like you, it's usually the places off the beaten path or tucked away that often grab my attention. Whether it's shining a spotlight on small businesses that flourish thanks to our local community,  my favorite little cheese shop in Silver Lake, or a local indie band worthy of your Spotify playlist, my hope is to give others the chance to unwrap, explore, and experience LA through a local filter. Maybe you're simply passing through or an Angelino looking to explore your own backyard. Whatever the reason, I'd love to at least point you in the right direction!

Hence, my latest project: 


Here I will be curating the hidden gems of La La Land that put a party in my heart, and hopefully yours too. 

Oh, the places we'll go!

Culver City: Midland Shop

Culver City: Midland Shop