Beverly/Fairfax - Cheat Sheet - Food + Drinks

Beverly/Fairfax - Cheat Sheet - Food + Drinks

The Beverly/Fairfax District of Los Angeles is a small neighborhood in LA nestled just between West Hollywood (WeHo) and Hollywood. It's an eclectic little residential bubble in the middle of some notable LA streets and sites, including Melrose Avenue, the outdoor shopping center known as The Grove and its famous Farmer's Market, as well as the CBS studio lot. Although historically a Jewish community of Los Angeles (with lots of bagel shops to choose from), the neighborhood has seen a growing mix of influences that I like to describe as "skaters/hipsters-meets-the-Orthodox-Jewish-community-meets-Anthony-Bourdain-Parts-Unknown." Personally I love it and get to call this part of LA home. 

Honestly, there's a lot going on in any direction off Fairfax Ave, the main road that cuts through this part of town. Even better, you're surrounded by great restaurants and bars either a short cab ride away or within walking distance, which makes it easier to explore in a city that often gets a bad wrap for not being very 'walkable.' 

As is the case in most parts of LA, there's and infinite number of places to discover in this part of town, but here's a quick cheatsheet of some of my local picks for food and drinks if you're passing through: 

BREAKFAST/COFFEE @ Paramount Coffee Project LA (PCPLA) 

ORDER: Coffee + The Paramount breakfast sandwich  

LOCAL TIP:  Coffee and chill. I discovered PCPLA recently and fell in love with both their coffee and sausage + egg sandwich known as "The Paramount". Right on Fairfax, they have an outdoor patio with communal seating in the back and railroad style tables and seats inside. On the go? No problem, step right up to their outside to-go window and order, grab, and be on your way - easy! Also, they have a mall patio in the back that's great for those of you with a dog, a stroller, or just looking for some open air seating. 

LUNCH/DINNER @ Jon & Vinny's

TRY: A past and/or pizza dish 

LOCAL TIP: Right on Fairfax Ave. you'll find Jon & Vinny's, an Italian restaurant with a modern diner flare serving hand made pizzas and pasta dishes. Besides good food, there's something nice and simple about this place that keeps me coming back. My only caution to those visiting for the first time is to call ahead and make reservations. This place isn't big and you may find yourself on a long waitlist if you decide to do a walk-in. If you're not keen on waiting for a seat, avoid the lunch and dinner crowd and you might have a better shot of snagging a table.  Just make sure to leave room for their chocolate budino (yaaaaas!) - a donut-like dessert with chocolate filling. 


DON'T MISS: Ordering your own custom cocktail 

LOCAL TIP: Hands down, one of my favorite little cocktail bars in LA. This place is a hidden gem and one you might easily drive or walk past given its unassuming entrance with a darkly draped velvet curtain. Step in and you're transported into a dimly lit drinking den with plush leather booths and bartenders with waist coats (think Mad Men vibes). It's not a big bar, but there's something classic and inviting about this place. The bar feels intimate with no fancy cocktail menu. Instead, your bartenders are left to mix a concoction of your choice based on your preferred ingredients and palate. The result? A custom libation made with fresh ingredients with an element of surprise. The best part? They always get mine right - typically a refreshing cocktail comprised of tequila, habanero fire water, and cucumbers. Feeling thirsty just thinking about it! 


  • FYI: If you're visiting WeHo or near Hollywood and mapping your route, consider that Beverly/Fairfax is approx. a 10 min ride or less from either of these neighborhoods (sans traffic of course. Classic LA).

  • Helpful Hint: It's always recommended you call ahead if you're looking to do dinner anywhere in LA because 'reservations' are in fact a 'thing.' It's either that or be cool with a possible 30-60min wait for popular spots.

  • Fun Fact: Each of these places listed is walking distance from the other.

  • While You're Here: Attend a live taping of a show at the CBS studio lot. Request and apply for (FREE) tickets here.


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