Shannon Ino - Project Manager + Producer + Stylist

Shannon Ino - Project Manager + Producer + Stylist

Welcome to another segment of Local Lovelies!

This is where I ask my local ladies and friends a few questions to give you the 'local in' from the lovelies who live here and get their take on how THEY explore and experience Los Angeles.

I met Shannon through a Jig + Saw "Track" workshop session for women entrepreneurs and boss ladies (side note, if you've never done one of these, go. It was worth every penny!).  I'll admit, I was initially intimidated to approach Shannon because she looked so cool, calm, and collected (pretty much the opposite of how I was feeling embarking on a new venture with La La Local). That said, I'm so happy I broke the ice with her! We sparked a conversation over lunch one day and I immediately became a fan girl. Not only did Shannon turn out to be a lovely new friend I made through Jig + Saw, she's also been a great supporter of the La La Local journey. After all, she was there to witness and listen in on my challenges, concerns, and (small) victories shared over the course of our Track session in September.  I also can't help but obsess over her style - she's literally a walking Pinterest board, but in #IRL. Naturally, I liked everything Shannon represented and felt she would be a great fit for this series. Born and raised in LA, I'm excited to share with you Ms. Ino's take on her home turf and local favorites!  Can't wait to get some dim sum with this lovely lady! 

But first, a little about Shannon

Local Lovely: Shannon Ino

LA neighborhood you currently live in: San Gabriel (for those not familiar with the area, it's near Pasadena)

How long have you lived in LA? Pretty much my whole life (except for a few years) - I was born + raised in LA.

What would you call yourself? I'm a Project Manager + Producer + Stylist

Where can we find you? (of course, in a non-creepy stalker way that is ):

-IG: @shannonino

< < Click the image to visit

L O C A L  

L O V E L Y  


Name a hidden gem in your neighborhood and why you love it:

Hidden gem: East Gourmet Seafood in San Gabriel for dim sum (it's the best place in the area for dim sum - in my opinion). I would recommend going around early afternoon during the week if possible, if not then go early on the weekend because this place gets pretty crowded. Everyone thinks San Gabriel is so far from downtown, but without traffic it's only about 15 minutes ;)

Where do you love to go to dine in LA and what do you love to order there?

It can be a taco truck, your favorite restaurant, or your regular go-to spot. One of my favorites spots to go to in LA is Bäco Mercat in downtown. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this place. I recommend the Ricotta Fritters & Cacik, Crispy Pig Ears, The Toron, Hamachi Crudo and the "Caesar" Brussels Sprouts.


What keeps you busy in LA? 

Work definitely keeps me busy, but there is always something to do in LA. There is always something going on somewhere.

Name one place in LA you’re embarrassed to admit you have NOT been to/seen/or visited, but you’d like to visit soon!  What's kept you from going?

I still have never hiked to the Hollywood sign. The last time I tried I got lost and have not tried since haha.

What’s the BEST AND WORST thing about being in Los Angeles? 

Best: The weather + the food. 

Worst: Definitely the traffic.

Where do you go for a sweet treat in LA? 

I have a really big sweet tooth, so I'm obsessed with boba and ice cream. There are an abundance of boba places in the San Gabriel area but a few of my favorites are Ten Ren's Tea Time, Au79 Teahouse and Tea Brick. As far as ice cream, McConnell's Fine Ice Cream + Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams are probably my favorites.

What's your most "LA Moment"? 

I actually can't say I have one of these. The closest thing is probably getting a parking ticket while I went hiking at Griffith Park because I didn't realized I parked in a 'permit only' zone  -_-

If you’re stopping through LA or visiting, I would PASS on Hollywood Boulevard and INSTEAD go to Highland Park. Hollywood is too touristy and dirty (in my opinion haha). I would much rather hang out/go out in Highland Park - it’s definitely one of the cooler areas to hang out in now.
— Shannon

Your friend is visiting, they have 24 hours to 'experience' LA, name the following places you send them to (name 1 place/activity for each): 

Must SeeGriffith Observatory

Must Do: Rose Bowl Flea Market (second Sunday of every month)

Breakfast: Sqirl

Lunch: In-N-Out

DinnerQuarters Korean BBQ

Can't Miss: A show at the Hollywood Bowl

Finish this sentence: "I love LA because can't beat the weather or the Mexican food here" 


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Where L.A. Locals Are Dining in January

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