Caroline Snyder - Founder and CEO of Verdi

Caroline Snyder - Founder and CEO of Verdi

Welcome to another segment of Local Lovelies!

This is where I ask my local ladies and friends a few questions to give you the 'local in' from the lovelies who live here and get their take on how THEY explore and experience Los Angeles.

Originally from New Orleans, Caroline has been living in LA for about 2 years. She is Founder and CEO of Verdi, a financial coaching company for women with non-traditional careers.

So how did she and I meet? Caroline and I kept crossing paths through a couple of women’s groups in and around LA, and I always enjoyed her energy and approach to discussing finances - a topic I know not everyone is always comfortable discussing. After various failed attempts to meet-up (we’re busy ladies!), we finally got our coffee-date in and realized there’s a lot we both wanted to share with our communities, especially the synergy between finances and living in LA - and she also has some great local intel for her part of town in Atwater Village. Not only is Caroline friendly and inviting - she understands the financial struggles couples and singles face, especially those in more non-traditional career paths living around Los Angeles.

More to come from Caroline and La La Local, in the meantime, here’s her take on LA and what she loves and enjoys about living in the City of Angels!

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But first, a little about Caroline

Local Lovely: Caroline Snyder

LA neighborhood you currently live in: Atwater Village and Glendale

How long have you lived in LA? Almost 2 years

What would you call yourself? I'm the founder and CEO of Verdi, a financial coaching company for women with non-traditional careers.

Where did you move from? New Orleans, Louisiana

Where can we find you? (of course, in a non-creepy stalker way that is ):

IG: @verdidaily

L O C A L  

L O V E L Y  


Name a hidden gem in your neighborhood and why you love it:

Check out Blode Kuh vegan cheeses at the Atwater Village Farmer's Market on Sundays. Their cheese is incredible (even my dairy loving husband prefers them over "real" cheeses!). Just make sure to go early before they start running out. The Farmer's Market opens at 10 and I recommend being there by 11:30 to make sure you can still get my favorite Chardonnay Cheddar!

Where do you love to go to dine in LA and what do you love to order there?

My absolute favorite LA restaurant is Kismet in Los Feliz. My husband and I discovered it really early on after moving to LA while on a walk and only later did we realize how famous it was! If you haven't been, GO! If you have been, I sure hope you tried the avocado with puffed rice salad before they switched it off the menu!

What keeps you busy in LA? 

I absolutely love my work, so spend most of my time doing that. I'm a financial coach for women with non-traditional careers which means that I get to spend my days helping badass freelancers, entrepreneurs and side hustlers get more confident and skilled with their money. When I'm not working I love exploring Griffith Park and running to check out other neighborhoods. I'm also a true New Orleanian, so will never say no to a glass of wine.

What’s one thing about LA you love, but feel most people don't get to see or experience if they don't live here?

I love the East Side of LA, but it seems like most visitors just spend time on the West Side and Hollywood. There's a lot happening over here too! Although, now that I think about it, it might not be as fun if there were a bunch of tourists everywhere…

Where do you go for a sweet treat in LA? 

My go-to is Wanderlust Creamery in Atwater Village. I'm unfortunately lactose intolerant, but Wanderlust always has a great assortment of vegan options. I especially love a combo scoop of the Sticky Rice & Mango and Gianduja Chocolate.

What's your most "LA Moment"? 

I think I have these all the time, but the one that has so far shocked my friends and family back in Louisiana the most was when we hired a cat therapist to help our two kitties, Poncho and Tallulah, cope with their anxiety better! Worth every penny.

Photo Credit: Marisa Sarto

Photo Credit: Marisa Sarto

“I Love LA because it constantly inspires me to do, see and discover more. When you’re surrounded by gorgeous mountain views and tons of creativity it is hard to stay in a rut.”
— Caroline

Your friend is visiting, they have 24 hours to 'experience' LA, name the following places you send them to:

Must See: The Getty Museum - The Getty! I've been several times and each time I discover something else amazing. Make sure to spend time in the gardens as well as the collections.

Must Do: Take a hike in Griffith Park

Breakfast: My house! Come have delicious crepes and bacon that my husband made. I'll happily serve up bulletproof coffee, matcha lattes or a good old fashioned Aperol Spritz to go with!

Lunch: Sugarfish - it is so much easier to get into during the day

Dinner: Kismet! Don't forget to make a reservation though.

Can't Miss: Honestly, my favorite thing is just spending time outside. I love New Orleans, but those summers are LONG and very sticky. It is so nice to get to spend time going on walks and exploring the city without having to worry about sweating through your clothes immediately upon stepping outside.

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