Questions with Local Lovelies: Chelsea Gross

Questions with Local Lovelies: Chelsea Gross

Welcome to a new series of La La Local called, "Questions with Local Lovelies."

This is where I ask my girl friends a few questions to give you the 'local in' from the lovelies who actually live here and get their take on how THEY explore and experience Los Angeles. 

Like most people, I find some of the best places I've discovered have come to me through word-of-mouth from friends. To-date, there are still so many places I have yet to see/do/eat that not even I as a local can keep up! But where to start? With help from my local amigas, we can learn something new and continue to discover the LA we all know and love through recommendations for those we trust and who know our tastes and interests best, our friends! 

Having met Chelsea through my neighbor and then later consulted with her as a nutritionist, I thought she would be a great fit for kicking off this new series.  As both a friend and her role as a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach (, I figured she could give us the 'local-in' on her favorite spots in Los Angeles through a local (and health conscious) lens!  

Friend: Chelsea Gross 
Time in LA: 9 Years
Her Neighborhood: Sherman Village

Name a hidden gem in your neighborhood and why you love it: 

Iroha Sushi on Ventura Blvd.! One of my boyfriend's co-workers recommended this place a few years ago and we LOVE going. I seriously think it’s the best sushi in LA, and it’s kind of off the beaten path and a bit of a hole in the wall, so it doesn’t draw a seen-to-be-seen crowd, which I like sometimes. My tip is to always sit at the sushi bar! It’s really fun watching the sushi chefs in action and you get great 1:1 attention. My favorite roll is the special #3- salmon and crab wrapped in cucumber. It is so fresh and delicious! Oh and since I avoid soy- I don’t do soy sauce so I always bring a bottle of Coconut Aminos (a great soy sauce alternative!) in my purse :) 

Where do you go in LA for a sweet treat?

Ok, so many places. Kippy’s Non-Dairy Ice Cream shop is unbelievable. They just changed locations and are now on Main st. in Venice and it’s such a cute spot. The flavors are made of just coconut cream, coconut water, local raw honey, and organic fruit. They’re super light and really delicious- and definitely get the bee pollen as your topping! I also love the pastry selection at Erewhon market because they have a ton of GF (gluten free) yumminess, and I recently tried Pressed Juicery freezes which are SO good with almond butter and berries on top. 

Finish this lyrical (rap) sentence from Tu-Pac, “California, knows how to party/ California, knows how to......”

have bumper-to-bumper traffic at the most unlikely hours of the day!

Ok, your friend is passing through, they have 24 hours to experience LA, where do you send them?

Must See: Hollywood Sign, by hike!
Must Do: Grove and Farmer’s Market
Breakfast: Hugo’s
Lunch: Malibu Farm Cafe (the best views! Right on the water!)
Dinner: Jar on Beverly Blvd. It feels like old Hollywood and you must get the skirt steak and purple yams. So good!
Can't Miss: Santa Monica Pier 

You’re gluten free, so where do you go in LA for a yummy, gluten free-friendly brunch spot?!

Always and forever, Hugo’s! They have 3 locations (Studio City, West Hollywood and Calabasas). I LOVE their almond energy pancakes. Their omelets are also amazing, and they recently added a spot-on GF Rye bread that I’m obsessed with. They have a great selection of GF dishes, all clearly marked- and everything from dairy-free, vegan and paleo too. I’ve been eating there for nearly a decade and I never get sick of it. 

Fill in the blanks: "If you're in LA or visiting, I would PASS on__[activity/place]____and INSTEAD do the ____[activity/place}___."

PASS on Hollywood Blvd. and INSTEAD do The Grove, Larchmont Village and a comedy show at The Groundlings or UCB (I LOVE “The Facebook Show”). I can’t pick! 

What is the best advice or top tip you give to your female clients about nutrition and wellness?

It’s not about what you do one time, it’s about what you do most of the time. If you over-indulge one night, it’s OK! It’s most important to resist beating yourself up for that, treat yourself with grace and move forward the next day with a big glass of water, a healthy breakfast and a walk! 

Thanks, Chelsea! 

About Chelsea:
Chelsea Gross is a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, originally from Philadelphia but now a West Coast girl. She owns her own 1:1 holistic nutrition coaching business, where she coaches clients virtually, and also blogs and creates real- food recipes. Chelsea helps women break free from restriction, dieting and deprivation- and find the way of eating (and living!) that works for them so they can ditch the wagon for good, and feel confident in their choices and bodies. After overcoming years of challenges with disordered eating, depression, digestive issues and chronic pain she leads with vulnerability and honesty so her clients know they are not alone. When she’s not working with clients, she chills out by watching anything on Bravo and also loves podcasts, country music and cooking! 

(Photo: Chelsea, Lady Boss of Nutrition with Chelsea)

To learn more about Chelsea and her nutritional coaching support, click here.

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