Coffee shops for the local who's trying to do it all

Coffee shops for the local who's trying to do it all

Coffee shops in LA are the equivalent to pubs in England. They. Are. EVERYWHERE. Seriously.

On any given corner, you won't have to wander more than a few blocks in any direction before coming across a shop brewing some serious wake-up juice. 

If you're new in town, don't be shocked by the cost of a cup of jo in this city. On average, you're looking at $4-6 to get your fix, and on the higher end of that range, you're probably somewhere super trendy, in which you've been smacked with some 'hidden costs' (as I like to call them) such as: ambience, decor, vibe, IG worthiness (think Intelligentsia Coffee in Silverlake), or maybe even good looking baristas (Hello, men of Blue Bottle!). Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the quality of the coffee factors into price to some degree, but I do find it hard at times to justify a $6 coffee - I know, how un-millenial of me.

My point being, if you're already dropping $4+ bucks on a coffee, I'm all about getting my money's worth, like making sure they have Wi-Fi and a decent seating area. I mean, we're in Los Angeles – yes, the city of dreamers, but also the city of freelancers and entrepreneurs. Where do you think these people go to ‘work’? (myself included!) That's right! Coffee shops.

To help you all out -whether you're strictly looking for a place to catch up with a friend or want to knock out a couple of hours of remote work, below are my three go-to coffee shops as of late. And if you see me there, don't be shy and say "Hi!"

ANDANTE COFFEE - Beverly Grove/Fairfax

PHILZ COFFEE - Hollywood/Pasadena

LAMILL COFFEE - Silverlake

1. Andante Coffee

Where? Beverly Grove/Fairfax

Great for: Freelancers/Quick Meet-Ups/Work and/or Coffee Break

Why you might like it: Good coffee and Wi-Fi is all you need. I don't ask for much, and Andante delivers. Their food menu is limited to pastries and a couple of toasts, but my usual is their cheese croissant (so yummy!). It can get busy here, but can’t say I’ve ever had trouble finding a spot. There’s also an Erewhon market (pronounced like "air-one". I know, don't ask [insert emoji eye roll here]) across the street if you’re looking to grab some healthy food/snacks on your way out.

Tip: Order the cheese croissant and have them warm it up for you. Thank me later! 

2. Philz Coffee

Where? Multiple locations, but I've worked from both their Hollywood and Pasadena shops.

Great for: Freelancers/Quick Meet-Ups/Students/Work or Coffee Break

Why you might like it: They've got Wi-Fi and a laid back atmosphere with friendly baristas. They also offer a small menu of both savory and sweet snacks, including pastries, bagels, and/or toasts. For my nomad workers putting in their hours, they have one long communal table with outlets to keep your laptop and phones charged (bonus!). I also like that they're never too crowded that I can't find a spot to pitch up and work from.

Tip: Try the Mint Mojito Latte (ice coffee drink) - it's my fave!

3.  Lamill Coffee

Where? Silverlake

Great for: Freelancers/Client Meet-ups/Work or Coffee Break/Catch-up or lunch with friends

Why you might like it: Nice indoor seating and decor, small patio seating out-front, a proper breakfast and lunch menu, Wi-Fi, and you’re usually surrounded by industry types or bohemian chic locals strolling in for their boutique coffee. It might feel ‘too cool for school’ at first, but I like it and I’ve always found the food really good and parking is pretty easy (customer parking or street parking available).  Note, outlets are limited here so be sure you’re fully charged before you arrive.

Tip: Their tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich is yum, and if you’re looking for a change from coffee, try their loose leaf tea selections – they’ve got an assortment of refreshing flavors, especially when ordered as iced tea.






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