Los Feliz: Where to Start, Stop For, and Finish Your Day

Los Feliz: Where to Start, Stop For, and Finish Your Day

I've always described LA as a city made up of little villages, and one village in particular that I love and tend to frequent often is Los Feliz. Tucked away east of the 405, Los Feliz is a cute hillside neighborhood in the central region of Los Angeles.

However, the real challenge for visitors and even locals is ...how the heck do you pronounce its name?!  I'm not kidding, there's even a Reddit thread (or two) on "How do you pronounce 'Los Feliz.' Among locals there's always the debate if its'Los FEH-leez' (Spanish style) or is it 'Los FEE-Lez'? Six years in, I still catch myself pronouncing it all sorts of ways (full disclosure, as a Spanish speaker I can't help but pronounce it Spanish style: Los FEH-LEEZ)

Regardless of how one ought to pronounce Los Feliz, I've lined up 3 of my "Local Adventures" if you're headed over on a day trip or staycation. What can I say? I would definitely categorize dining and drinking as "adventures" - right?!  Obviously, there's PLENTY MORE to do beyond these three picks, but here are a just a few suggestions for how to start or end your day there:


START WITH: Breakfast @ Little Dom's

LOCAL TIP: Ask for Jon Hamm's booth (yep! he's got one with his name on it) and be sure to order their scrumptious ricotta pancakes. Brunch or breakfast is sure to be a treat. This lovely, cool and casual Italian bistro serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I usually try and bring friends and family here when they're in town.


STOP FOR: Coffee @ Maru

LOCAL TIP: Simply put, this place is super cute à la minimalist vibe. If you stop by, I suggest their cold brew with almond milk - perfect for a cool-down after some shopping on Hillhurst Ave. Bottom line: Pop in.


FINISH WITH: Drinks @ The Dresden

LOCAL TIP: This is definitely a hidden gem in Los Feliz and one of my favorite bars in LA. It's a restaurant with old Hollywood charm, but most people go for the bar/lounge and the ambience. Don't let the dim lighting fool you, step in and take a seat at the bar, or sink into one of the brown leather semi-circular booths. Whatever you choose, the real draw for me are the stiff cocktails and this old couple: Marty and Elayne who sing classic/jazz lounge songs Tuesdays-Saturdays after 9pm and really bring this place to life - you have to see them! They've been playing here since 1982 (that's commitment!). The vibe and ambience is a Mid-Century/60's feel, and I love it. It also makes for a great date spot or night out with friends thanks to the cocktails, the eye candy, and the bar that lets you order food late into the evening. I also appreciate that you can either dress down or up if you make it over, whatever you want - no dress code enforced (easy!). Don't let the exterior fool you - it looks closed from the road, but once the door opens... you're in for a local treat!

Fun fact: You may also recognize The Dresden from the movie "Swingers."

Aimee Guzman - creative / graphic designer

Aimee Guzman - creative / graphic designer

Coffee shops for the local who's trying to do it all

Coffee shops for the local who's trying to do it all