Aimee Guzman - creative / graphic designer

Aimee Guzman - creative / graphic designer

Welcome to another segment of Local Lovelies!

This is where I ask my local ladies and friends a few questions to give you the 'local in' from the lovelies who live here and get their take on how THEY explore and experience Los Angeles.

Like most people, I find some of the best places I've discovered have come to me through word-of-mouth from friends. To-date, there are still so many places I have yet to see/do/eat that not even I as a local can keep up! But where to start? With help from my local amigas, we can learn something new and continue to discover the LA we all know and love through recommendations from those we trust and know!

Having discovered Aimee and her work through a late night session on Pinterest (you know, that rabbit hole we all get sucked into before bed), I double tapped her pins and made a mental note that when the time came to bring La La Local to life, she was my first pick for branding and design work. After kicking-off my journey to bring La La Local to the people, I knew exactly who I wanted to work with: Aimee Guzman, owner and designer of Little Trailer Studio. Working with Aimee felt personal and it felt easy - especially since we saw eye to eye on a lot of my ideas and special requests. Even better? Aimee was a local and, at the time, lived here in LA (I'm all about supporting my local and talented ladies) - That said, Aimee has since moved to Chicago with her boyfriend (the Windy City is lucky to have her!) , but we still keep in touch and I continue to obsess over her design work.  Also, with Aimee being native to LA, I felt her local lens could help give us another perspective on the City of Angels from someone who grew up here.

Local Lovely: Aimee Guzman, creative / graphic designer
Time in LA: I grew up in Pomona which is about 30mins east of downtown, then moved to Pico Rivera which is about 15mins east of downtown and lived there for 2.5 years, then I moved waaaaay west to Santa Monica for 3.5 years.
Her Neighborhood: When I lived in LA I lived in Santa Monica! Now that I’m in Chicago I’m in the Loop which is the downtown area.

Where was your go-to spot for food when you were in LA?
Urth Caffe was always one of my go-to’s for a casual date. The food is great and there are a ton of options for both vegetarians and meat-eaters alike and the desserts are amazing. It’s one of the few places my boyfriend and I would agree on for food, lattes, and desserts.

What's your most "LA Moment"?
Oh girl! I have a few, take your pick. Ordering $12 avocado toast at a “hipster” bookstore in Echo Park. Going to a party at a huge house in the Hollywood Hills owned by the twins that Mark Zuckerberg allegedly stole his Facebook idea from. Going to the same yoga studio as Heather Graham in Santa Monica. Partying at the Snap Chat penthouse in Venice. Shopping for a quinceanera dress with my sister in downtown LA at the callejones (yes that’s very LA too).

Where do you go for a sweet treat in LA?
When I used to work in Burbank I’d go to Porto’s all the time for dessert and then in Santa Monica I’d go to Urth Caffe and order a fruit tart.

What keeps you busy?
Definitely my business. As a business owner you always have to think of how to improve your product or service and better serve your clients. When you first start a business it can be so consuming and it’s great to channel that motivation and drive. When I was in LA I definitely filled up my calendar with every networking event, business workshop and conference available to me that would help me improve my business. But now that I’m in Chicago and my business is more steady I’m focusing on filling up my calendar with more social events and getting back into hobbies. In LA a typical weekday evening would involve a network event (holler at Worthy Women) event or me working out. But here in Chicago my weeknights are filled with things like concerts at the Ace Hotel or a movie at Millenium Park. It’s such a shift but I love it.

Your friend is visiting, they have 24 hours to 'experience' LA, name the following places you send them to:

Must See: 3 distinct neighborhoods
Must Do: Drive up the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) from Santa Monica to Malibu, take in the scenery
Breakfast: Chilaquiles at a Mexican restaurant on the eastside or san gabriel valley
Lunch: Bay Cities in Santa Monica
Dinner: Bottega Louie in Downtown

If you're in LA or visiting, I would PASS on: Hollywood Walk of Fame and Beverly Hills and instead do the museums and pick a cute neighborhood to explore!

About your new city, Chicago....

When you first moved to Chicago, where's the first food/drink spot you fell in love with? Why? I fell in love with Lula Cafe in Logans Square. The ingredients are unique and it kind of feels like an LA cafe. In Fulton Market there’s this restaurant called the Little Goat that has the cutest diner feel to it. Also in Fulton Market/West Loop is Moneygun which is my go-to because the cocktails are delish and the music is always spot on.

Be honest, is the west coast still the best coast? :) heck yes

About Me: Hi there! My name is Aimee and I am a graphic designer and own my own design studio called Little Trailer Studio. I get to do what I love on a daily basis and work with amazing clients (like La La Local). After living in LA for a few years I traded my sunny skies for Chicago! My boyfriend and I just moved here because we wanted to experience a whole new city and state different from the one we grew up in.

Click below for a glimpse into the vision and design process behind La La Local with Little Trailer Studio

Thanks, Aimee!

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To learn a little more about Aimee and her work visit:

Little Trailer Studio


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Branding for La La Local

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