FOUR THE LOCAL - Mar. 21 Edition

FOUR THE LOCAL - Mar. 21 Edition

Did you get the memo?

Yes. Yes, you did!

You're now in the 'know'. Consider the FOUR THE LOCAL a mid-week memo intended to give you a quick glimpse of some of the things I'm loving that you too might enjoy - from my local favorites to new discoveries - be it people, places, or things. Basically, anything that puts a party in my heart this week!  

My intention is to spread a little fun, curiosity, and love for all that is local and let's be honest, in some cases, random finds - from links I'm loving to things, people, or places bringing me joy. 

Enjoy these weekly musings! I hope they inspire you to dig a little deeper and explore the City of Angels and its people. 

x Kelly-Jo 

FOUR THE LOCAL - Mar. 21, 2018


In The Loop: Self-care + Wellness (Event) - LOS ANGELES - Join us on April 8 for an intimate gathering of local lovelies to discuss tips and tools for how to better manage self-care and wellness. You're now #intheloop!.  

TIP - Use code: LOCALPERKS @ checkout for early bird special ($30/ticket)

Hi-Lo Liquor (Shop) - CULVER CITY - By far one of my favorite local liquor shops. They never let me down. Whether I'm buying a nice bottle of beer/wine for a dinner party or for myself, they always hit the mark with their recommendations. Event better? They've now introduced free tastings on Mondays and Fridays! What a fun way to start and end your week. Cheers to that! 

Trejo Coffee + Donuts (Eat/Drink) - HOLLYWOOD - Who knew this little donut shop on the corner in Hollywood had some yummy goodies stashed behind their pink walls and tinted windows. They've got a wide variety of donuts to oder , but I like to keep mine classic and glazed. A perfect little stop on your morning commute.  

My Interview With Voyage LA (Local Lovelies) - LOS ANGELES - Guys! In case you missed it, your girl did an interview with Voyage LA. Here I share a bit about my La La Local journey, the ups and the downs, and my love for carefully curated LA content. Thanks for the local love, Voyage LA!  

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Interview With Voyage LA

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